Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Search Engine Rankings in 2021

2 April 2021

Businesses and entrepreneurs are operating in the competitive and volatile age of digital Darwinism. Technologies are innovating at a rapid pace, and businesses have little choice but to innovate and invest in disruptive technologies. In 2021, digital marketing algorithms have transformed dramatically, demanding marketers to advance their knowledge of technical SEO.

Search engines, primarily Google, is increasing relying on automation technologies and bots to crawl billions of websites and determine their rankings and authority. Running a regular blog and maintaining a social media presence alone isn’t enough to stay competitive and enjoy higher search engine rankings.

How can you boost your website visibility and search engine rankings in 2021? At Tenfold Growth Limited, we firmly believe t’s crucial to arm yourself with technical SEO strategies and digital tools, and humanize your brands by building personal connections. Early adopters always get the advantage of competitiveness, because when strategies and technologies become mainstream, they lose their significance.

Let’s take a look at the digital marketing practices that will boost your website visibility and authority.

 Cultivating Domain Authority


Does your website enjoy authority and popularity across its target audience and relevant industry? Domain authority is a crucial factor in determining search engine rankings and website visibility. Google’s crawlers and algorithms evaluate domain authority, and rely on it as a crucial metric while ranking a website in search results.

Building authority for your website will help you cement your brand identity, and expand your audience by maximizing visibility in search results and queries. But, how can you establish authority for your domain? It’s simple: link-building techniques. More specifically, you need to generate high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites with a massive social following.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is everything. Generating backlinks from research journals, university-affiliated websites, and prominent media sources, like Forbes of the Guardian, can help you build authority. Securing a backlink from these popular websites will help your website get recognized as a reliable resource, worthy of citation from authoritative sites.

At Tenfold Growth we can help you build domain authority with an effective backlink and link-building campaign that allows you to tap into new audience segments.

 Perform Extensive Keyword Research


Do you perform keyword research before creating blog posts, articles and informative pieces for your website? If not, then your content does not serve any purpose. Keywords create purposeful and impactful content by targeting a specific demographic of your target audiences.

Keywords mimic the search queries made by potential customers while exploring products or services similar to your business offerings. Google’s crawlers and bots crawl through millions of web pages to identify similar keywords, and present users with most relevant results. So, you see, keyword research has a direct impact on your search engine rankings and overall website authority.

Keywords build relevance, connecting content with a specific target audience. It’s wise to incorporate location-specific keywords in your content, especially if you’re aiming to increase walk-in traffic for your store, restaurant or business venue. Location-based SEO is a powerful strategy to boost your search engine rankings for search queries related to specific neighborhoods and communities.

Marketers recommend adding a mixture of short-and long-tail keywords, and incorporating user questions and search queries to boost relevance and content engagement. Answering user-generated search queries and questions can help your website secure Google’s coveted feature question spot.

 Dealing with Ad-Blockers


Most websites and businesses rely on pay-per-click campaigns to market their content, products or services. However, in 2021, the dynamics of digital marketing and paid campaigns have changed considerably. Ad blockers are a leading problem facing marketers who rely on paid campaigns and advertisements.

You see, users are increasingly embracing ad blockers to eliminate ads from spoiling their online experiences. Marketers are struggling to get past these ad blockers, which are creating major reductions in website traffic and revenues. Ad blockers cut off website traffic and leads from the source: paid ads and campaigns.

So, how can you deal with ad blockers and get past this obstacle? It’s important to understand that users embrace ad blocks because they mistrust advertisements, and do not wish to engage with them. Consumers actively seek out information regarding products and services, but they don’t like being flooded with ads that crowd their browsing experiences.

This year, marketers have much to gain from exploring other avenues to generate traffic and revenues. At Tenfold Growth Limited, we suggest businesses to explore strategies that help them build trust, credibility and lasting relationships. Today, consumers seek highly personalized experiences, and connect with their audiences through social media, email marketing campaigns and social influencer collaborations.

 Interactive Visuals & Images


In recent years, there’s been a rise in the popularity of videos and imagery. Users enjoy watching videos and browsing for images, which explains the popularity of social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, amongst others. Visual aesthetics command great significance and appeal in digital marketing because consumers are attracted by aesthetics.

Brimming up your website and content with imagery, and videos will help you boost website authority, and overall website rankings. How? You see, Google’s bots and crawlers measure the time a user spends on your website. Web pages featuring videos compel users to spend more time on the website, and Google is quick to note this activity and multiply your search engine rankings and domain authority.



Increasing search engine rankings is an endeavor that requires a blend of creativity and technical expertise. We help business owners boost their domain authority and search engine rankings with digital marketing strategies that best align with their goals.

Our content creators and digital marketers are well-equipped with cutting-edge tools and solutions that help websites generate credibility and trust. Winning over your target audience may seem overwhelming, but with consistency and creativity, you can secure your position on the first page of Google’s search results.

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