5 Essential Factors to Note Before Designing a Digital Marketing Campaign

30 March 2021

Digital marketing offers numerous avenues for small and medium-scale enterprises to generate a competitive and engaging brand identity. However, many brands fail to enjoy marketing success despite devoting enormous resources and funding to the endeavor. Why is that?

You see, digital marketing success doesn’t always require enormous amounts of funding. At Tenfold Growth Limited, we firmly believe that a tactful strategy and data-driven insights at much more significant than unlimited marketing spending. In 2021, organic website traffic holds immense significance because Google and other search engines have a responsibility to offer their users relevant results.

To fulfill this responsibility, Google continues to innovate its algorithms, bots and crawlers. These innovations change the rules of the game, demanding a sophisticated and advanced marketing strategy. Keep reading to explore 5 essential factors to consider before curating a digital marketing campaign for your brand.

 Narrow down your Target Audience


Understanding your target audience is of the utmost significance to ensure the success of a marketing campaign. How can you generate marketing leads and convert them into paying customers without defining your target audience?

The success of a marketing campaign defines on understanding the target audience, and customer segmentation to present personalized offerings. Modern-day consumers demand extensive personalization, and they prefer brands who cater to their tastes and preferences. Personalized marketing is the new digital norm, as popular brands like Amazon and Netflix offer consumers highly personalized experiences.

So, the first step to enjoying digital marketing success is defining your target audience and customer segments. Then, you can curate advertisements and campaigns to attract different customer segments, and generate high-quality leads. All digital marketing networks and platforms, from pay-per-click campaigns to Facebook Ads, allow marketers to specify their audience.

Targeting is a crucial undertaking, and it requires extensive market research to understand your audiences’ needs and preferences.

 Spending does NOT Ensure Marketing Success


Small business owners and novice marketers must understand that unlimited spending does not ensure marketing success. A brand that promotes its posts and ads randomly without conducting market research or understanding digital algorithms can manage to generate leads and sell its products.

But the results won’t be sustainable because the brand is not generating a brand identity. After selling its products for a short period, the brand is likely to lose its significance overtime. A digital marketing strategy demands market research, creativity, originality and interactive content to ensure sustainable results. Marketers develop brand identity with authentic and creative campaigns.

In recent years, there’s an increased preference for organic traffic, and at Tenfold Growth we help businesses establish a brand identity that is sustainable, inspiring and attractive. You see, modern-day users have caught up with the marketing strategies and practices utilized by brands. They distrust brands that have heavily monetized blogs and social media platform without actual content or engagement.

And consumers are attracted towards social influencers and business owners who connect with their audiences and establish transparency. Instead of aiming to expand your budget, focus more on creative storytelling strategies and offer your audience interactive content.

 Creativity is KING!


That’s right! At Tenfold Growth Limited, we are firm believers in the fact that creative content is always king. Creativity is the special ingredient that allows a marketing campaign to make a loud thud as it penetrates the market and makes a lasting impact on its target audience. There’s truly nothing that can undermine the power of creativity.

Startups that penetrate the market with a powerful and impactful marketing campaign manage to generate great hype and secure a sizable market share. Such startups and businesses set high precedents of creativity, and their audience expects them to keep up and continue improving their flair for inventiveness.

Content creation is a dynamic tool to empower your business with an appealing brand identity that inspires consumer engagement and loyalty. It’s crucial to regard digital marketing as a medium to tell stories and captivate your audience with offerings that are personalized to match their tastes.

Your content must serve the purposes of educating, information, inspiring, encouraging and engaging your target customers, compelling them to invest in your brand. This endeavor requires creativity and originality so your brand can establish an image that is authentic and trustworthy.

 The Age of Personalization


Remember what we discussed about consumers desiring highly-personalized buying experiences? 2021 is the official age of personalization, and brands that fail to curate personalized campaigns, products and services end up losing to their competitors. You see, consumers are spoilt for choice because there are numerous businesses selling similar products and services.

So, why should your consumer choose you over dozens of competitors?  Your business must generate unique value that is aligned with the preferences and desires of the consumer. The advent of technologies like machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence have given rise to personalization.

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix, amongst other tech giants, rely on artificial intelligence to map consumer experiences and gain insight into their preferences. These insights are then utilize to offer consumers highly personalized buying and browsing experiences.

 Keyword Research is of the Utmost Importance


Business owners need to understand that keyword research is the endeavor that empowers content and digital marketing campaigns with a purpose. If you’re not finding keywords relevant to user search queries, your content does not serve a purpose. It is absolutely meaningless. Most business owners create blogs and then fail to enjoy the results they were expecting.

If your blogs do not have the keywords required to generate traffic, how will serve their intended purpose? Keywords ensure that your articles, blogs and website content is targeting a specific audience of customers who are actively searching for similar products, services and businesses.

Keyword research has a powerful impact on search engine rankings, because Google crawlers and bots search for keywords while responding to user search queries. We believe in incorporating specific questions for search queries, alongside a combination of short and long-tail keywords.

Location-based keywords and SEO is also vital to ensure your content is targeted towards a specific audience, especially if you want to increase walk-in traffic for your store or restaurant.



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