Strategies to Generate High-Quality Backlinks for your Website

27 March 2021

In 2021, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing practices have evolved considerably. Businesses are forced to adapt and embrace with the heightened pace of innovation. Running a blog and maintaining social media engagement is no longer enough to rise above the noise and make a lasting impact on your audience.

Many businesses spend enormous amounts of money on pay-per-click ads and digital campaigns is not the key to securing higher search engine rankings. Building authority for your website is an endeavor that requires expertise, effort and research. At Tenfold Growth Limited, we believe that link building is a powerful strategy to win over Google’s bots and crawlers.

Link-building is all about securing quality backlinks to your website from popular and authoritative websites. Google’s crawlers and bots identify these quality backlinks and regard your website as a quality resource worth citing. This will work wonders at boosting your website visibility, authority and overall rankings.

Keep reading to explore some of our most dynamic strategies to boost your website rankings and visibility.

 A Comprehensive Digital PR Campaign


Link building is not a simple and easy strategy. It requires extensive effort and time, and business owners must devote resources to building an extensive PR network. Marketers secure high-quality backlinks through extensive PR outreach, and connecting with editors, journalists and popular bloggers.

Most editors, magazines and journalists are willing to publish press releases, informative blogs and provide backlinks for a nominal fee. Businesses are increasingly relying on these paid PR opportunities to create high quality backlinks.

backlink only matters when it comes from a website that enjoys great popularity and influence across your target audience. Create a comprehensive digital PR campaign for your brand that covers industry-relevant magazines and publishers, editors, industry observers and trend-setters. You must also target all social networks and groups specific to your industry and target audience, and build a thriving presence to stay connected and relevant.

 A Thriving Network


We’ve mentioned the difficulties and challenges associated with generating quality backlinks multiple times, and we must reiterate ourselves. Most marketers and small business owners give up readily, or end up generating backlinks from low-quality and lesser-known websites. So, how can you make this strategy easier, straightforward and effortless?

It’s simple: by establishing a thriving network for PR professionals, ace marketers, journalists, leading editors and respected publishers. This endeavor is not as difficult as it seems, because journalists, editors and affiliate marketers are actively looking for opportunities to connect with businesses.

The digital marketing landscape is buzzing with social collaborations between marketers, influencers, journalists and businesses. You can build a network on social media groups, and actively connect with journalists and publishers through email marketing campaigns, online forums and industry events. We already possess an extensive network of digital content creators and media houses to help your brand grow.

 The Broken Link Strategy


A powerful and tested strategy, the broken-link technique is a masterful approach towards creating one-way backlinks for your website. But this strategy requires diligent research and extensive outreach. It involves identifying broken links in popular websites that command authority across your industry and target audience.

Once you identify the broken link, contact the publisher or webmaster to report the link, and make an impressive proposal for collaboration. This technique revolves around offering value that is hard to turn down. As you inform the publisher of the broken link, you have to offer high-quality and interactive content to replace that broken link.

The content must add value to the publisher’s overall content strategy, and offer information, engagement or entertainment to their readers. It’s essential to avoid seeming too eager to score a quality backlink. For that, your email must be thoughtful, eloquent and impressive. This strategy makes it considerably easier to generate high quality backlinks from well-reputed and authoritative websites.

 The Art of Guest Posting

Have you ever come across social media posts requesting guest bloggers, or business owners promoting their content as guest posts? In recent years, guest posting has emerged as a popular strategy to generate high-quality backlinks and enjoy mutually-beneficial digital collaborations.

This strategy involves around collaborations between businesses and websites that enjoy enormous social following and influence across targeted audiences. The idea is to offer content that allows your brand to generate a high-quality backlink, and allows the publisher to obtain creative and informative content. Without adding value that is beneficial for both parties, guest blogging is a useless endeavor.

This strategy will help you generate value for your brand, and win authority for your website. It will also expand your brand influence, allowing you to tap into new audience segments. Identifying and exploring guest blogging opportunities is easier than it seems. Marketers can explore social media networks, particularly Facebook groups to connect with marketers, publishers, editors and journalists.

Spying on Rivals & Competitors

While corporate espionage isn’t a healthy practice and invites unnecessary legal trouble, digital marketing opens up numerous opportunities for constructive spying. Marketers religiously follow this practice, formally known as competitive analysis.

It’s crucial to closely spy on the marketing and link-building activities of your competitor’s website and rival brands. There are numerous tools that allow you to evaluate and examine the backlinks generated by your successful and tough competitors. Then, you can pursue the same publishers and websites to imitate their backlink strategy. It will reduce the overall effort and time associated with curating a winning link building strategy for your brand.

Start by evaluating their links, tracing the sources and approaching editors and publishers to imitate the strategy to your advantages. Tenfold Growth possesses all the tools and digital solutions to help you stay competitive against rival brands.



Small business owners are often unable to leverage the potential of link building strategies as they require extensive research, resources and time. It always helps to invest in tools and digital gadgets that will automate your research and marketing activities. You can explore free digital tools and software to analyze link quality, conduct competitive analysis and keyword research.

Remember, link building is a strategy that requires meticulous research, and extensive planning. There are no shortcuts whatsoever. But you can always reduce effort and streamline activities by getting in touch with us!

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