Important SEO Factors that Most Businesses Ignore

7 April 2021

Search engine optimization algorithms and strategies are rapidly changing, making it hard for businesses to stay abreast with search engine dynamics. Securing higher search engine rankings is tougher than ever, because in 2021, Google is equipped with highly-sophisticated ranking metrics.

How does Google determine the search engine rankings of each website? Google has innovated its ranking metrics considerably over the years. Presently, it uses bots, which are automated spiders that crawl through million of web pages to generate results for search queries. But how do these bots pick out results from billions of websites on the internet?

Relevance is of the utmost significance here. Bots and crawlers determine search engine rankings on the basis of relevance to user-generated search queries. Websites can build relevance by incorporating specific keywords, answering search questions in their content, and generating high quality links.

These are just a handful of strategies. At Tenfold Growth Limited, we help businesses understand the significance of SEO to connect with their target audience and establish meaningful connections. Marketers and business owners fail to grasp the crux of SEO marketing, and we’ve put together some concepts that need to be understood.

Keep reading to explore essential SEO factors that businesses commonly neglect.

 Domain Authority Matters


How are you promoting the content and offerings of your website? Are you running pay-per-click ads, or are you relying entirely on organic traffic and leads from social media? In 2021, both strategies are largely ineffective as websites are ranked based on the authority and popularity they enjoy.

Google’s bots deploy AI-technologies and automation to evaluate domain authority and overall worth as a resource. Businesses must generate authority and build credibility to make sure Google regards their website as a quality resource of information.

At Tenfold Growth , we often notice that business owners believe that increasing their marketing spending on pay-per-click ads will improve their position in search results. That’s not true. Search engine rankings stem from a multitude of factors, of which domain authority holds immense significance. Popular brands with authoritative websites utilize multiple SEO techniques to generate authority and win consumer trust.

Link building is a powerful technique to generate high-quality backlinks from authoritative and popular websites. Businesses can benefit from our extensive digital PR network of publishers, editors and ace marketers to build their domain authority and boost SEO rankings.

 Building Relevance with Content Targeting


Is your content relevant to the search queries generated by your target audience to explore products and services? If not, then your content does not serve its intended purpose. Keywords allow businesses to optimize their content and build search relevance.

As explained above, Google’s search bots crawl billions of web pages to identify keywords, and offer most relevant websites in response to user-generated search queries. Incorporating keywords and phrases used by your target audience is of the utmost importance to build relevance. Most business owners fail to generate competitive keywords, which reduces the overall engagement and effectiveness of their content.

At Tenfold Growth Limited, we have a wide array of SEO tools to perform comprehensive keyword research and equip your content with audience-specific phrases. We advise businesses to incorporate a mixture of short and long-tail keywords, with specific questions and search terms. Building relevance is the key to standing out and maintaining a competitive presence in your industry.

 On-Page & Off-Page SEO


Technical SEO strategies are just as important as content creation, and yet, many business owners are not aware of these technicalities. On-page and off-page SEO are powerful techniques that boost search engine rankings, and website visibility tremendously.

On-page SEO involves website improvement and content optimization to improve user experience. It refers to all improvements with regards to the website code and design, content and overall experience. Off-page SEO involves external strategies that generate authority and influence. For instance, social influencer marketing campaigns, generating backlinks and social media engagement.

Most businesses focus excessively on on-page SEO and neglect off-page SEO tactics, which reduces the effectiveness of their content. Once you’ve created top-notch content with a user-friendly web design, you need to generate quality backlinks and social media campaigns to maximize visibility.

How will your audience engage with your content if you don’t actively promote it? Off-page SEO techniques allow websites to build connections with their target audience. In recent years, there’s a strong preference for organic traffic as search engines have a responsibility to provide their users with relevant results.

It’s vital to combine on and off-page SEO tactics to build a flourishing audience for your website. Get in touch with us to build a dynamic SEO campaign for your website’s rankings.

 Spying on Competitors to Stay Competitive


Conducting competitors’ analysis is a vital undertaking to maintain a competitive SEO strategy. You don’t want your competitors to enjoy higher rankings than your website, but it’s natural for all businesses to be pitted against more popular and successful competitors.

It’s wise to learn from your successful competitors, and imitate their SEO techniques to capture their rankings. Luckily, there are numerous tools and digital solutions that allow marketers to analyze the SEO tactics, keyword targeting and backlink generation strategies deployed by their competitors’ website.

We utilize a combination of marketing tactics and digital tools to conduct competitors’ analysis for our clients. Marketing espionage is instrumental in staying competitive and imitating strategies that work for your rival businesses.


At Tenfold Growth, we cater to numerous businesses and service providers who wish to improve their SEO rankings. But many of these business owners fail to grasp the complex technicalities that guarantee SEO success and higher search engine rankings. There are no formulas or shortcuts when it comes to SEO growth.

Websites require a strategy that is consistent, continual and creative. Quality is of the utmost significance and it must reflect in every activity and element, be it content, backlinks or keyword targeting. Search engines, particularly Google, are highly-sophisticated and advanced, and business owners must strive harder to win over their approval. 

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