SEO Marketing 101: Winning over Google’s Algorithms in 2021

22 February 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital element to ensure your website enjoys authority, visibility and credibility. SEO marketing has been an instrumental channel ever since websites became a powerful digital marketing tool, and this channel will continue to be most relevant in 2021.

However, marketers need to understand that cracking SEO is going to get more and more challenging. Google’s algorithms and bots are routinely upgraded to enhance the search engine result ranking system, and improve the overall user experience. Voice search is emerging as a popular medium, and marketers are struggling to get results with tried and tested SEO strategies.

In 2021, search engines and their algorithms are expected to become highly sophisticated, and putting together an SEO strategy is not as simple as it once used to be. Previously, marketers would improve search engine rankings with long blog posts and quality backlinks. But that’s not going to be enough to pick up your SEO game moving forward.

So, how can your business enjoy sustainable and consistent SEO success in 2021? Keep reading to find out how you can win over Google’s algorithms in the year ahead.

Setting Realistic Goals

At Tenfold Growth Ltd, we strongly advise our clients to set realistic SEO goals so they can avoid dissatisfaction at the outcomes. SEO marketing does not work like a magic wand, and you are unlikely to see results immediately. All SEO strategies require consistency, quality and creativity to deliver results.

Your SEO strategy must be aligned with the nature of your website and business. What is your SEO goal? For e-commerce websites, it is generating leads and revenues, while online magazines and publications seek to attract their audiences with immersive content. Affiliate marketers generate revenue through affiliate commissions and online ads.

It is vital to set realistic goals and ensure that your SEO strategy is aligned with the purpose of your website. We can help you set these goals and work towards gaining real-time results.

Local SEO Matters

In 2021, local SEO is going to be much more relevant and important for digital marketers. You see, users are very specific about their search queries, and they use local keywords to find out businesses and services. For instance, if a user is looking for a restaurant to have dinner, he/she is likely to use the name of the city or town to get relevant results.

It is vital to understand that your customers are not only using city and town names, but they are also using “near me” keywords, alongside voice search and smartphone searches. Near me searches have gotten increasingly popular, and incorporating these in your content will work wonders. Be sure to add the city/town names, and even the nearest landmarks to get attention from your consumer audience.

Remember, when it comes to SEO, relevance is everything!

Analytics & Insights

In recent years, our dedicated SEO team has realized that marketers can no longer create a functional and results-oriented SEO strategy without pulling analytics and data-driven insights. It is vital to obtain metrics and establish a measurement system to examine the success of your SEO strategy.

Your strategy should ultimately be designed around your measurement metrics to boost results and ensure that your spending promises higher ROIs. Now, this may sound too complicated, but it essentially serves the purpose of making SEO simpler.

All it takes is an analytics software or tool, and Google Analytics works wonders for most small businesses and startups. Analytics will help you examine your SEO performance and improve your strategy for improved results. You can also integrate marketing automation with your CRM tool to generate more leads.

Eliminating Technical Issues

If you’ve been running your website for multiple years, a crawl report will help you fix all technical issues to improve your SEO game. We help your website benefit from multiple SEO tools to successfully crawl your website.

A crawl report will help eliminate broken links and 404 pages to improve user experience, alongside fixing duplicated contents and redirects.

Improving User Experience

An SEO strategy, no matter how innovative or lucrative it is, doesn’t matter if your website doesn’t offer a high-quality user experience. If a web page takes hours to load properly on smartphones, you are going to lose customers instead of gaining them. User experience is a defining factor to improve your SEO ranking.

It is vital to make your website fully compatible for smartphone screens, and enhance navigation to improve the overall user experience. A bad user experience will reduce your search engine rankings because Google is quick to identify websites with users rapidly leaving and poor page loading experiences.

At Tenfold Growth Ltd – London marketing agency we strongly advise our clients to use software and tools to track user engagement, and identify elements that cause users to disengage or leave your website. It is vital to add internal links to every web page to enhance navigation and improve the website outlook.

Link Building

Link building is a powerful SEO tactic, and it is likely to become more powerful in the year ahead. External links help a website establish its authority and win credibility in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. When your website is cited by a high-quality source, such as The Washington Times or Forbes, or even a popular website, it indicates that your website is a source worth citing.

However, acquiring high-quality external links is not an easy feat as it requires a strategy focused on collaborations and networking. Luckily, we can do it for you to help your website command authority and esteem.

SEO is getting more challenging than ever, we are here to help businesses navigate these challenges and enjoy higher search rankings. Feel free to get in touch with our SEO experts for a detailed consultation session on your SEO strategy for 2021. We can help equip your website with the right SEO tools to ensure progress and improvements. 

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