External Link Building: Why Does it Matter?

17 February 2021

Google’s algorithms are rapidly evolving and advancing, and deployed with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools. These innovations have heightened the competition between websites vying to obtain a sustainable presence on the first page of Google’s search results. But claiming this coveted spot is instrumental in order to establish authority, credibility and esteem.

But, is a presence on the first page of Google’s search results sufficient to cement this authority? Most certainly not! At Tenfold Growth Ltd – London Top Marketing Agency we always advise our clients to undertake a mix of SEO strategies focused on building credibility, integrity and most importantly, authority. Building authority is of the utmost significance, because modern-day consumers do not wish to engage with brands with compromised authority or lack of credibility.

Establishing authority is vital to win over consumer trust and maintain it. Google’s algorithms identify a website as a quality source worth citing when it is linked by a website that commands authority and popularity. This brings us to the vital and effective link building strategy of external links.

Keep reading to learn more about external links how they can help uplift your brand and website visibility.

What are External Links?

An external link serves the purpose of leading website users towards an external website. For instance, your website offers content about home loans, and the content includes a link to the governmental website or a mortgage calculator.

Internal links are different as they improve website navigation by adding links to similar articles by the same website. An external link has the power to spread a powerful amount of link juice, and it can increase your ranking ability dynamically.

However, it is vital for the external link to come from a quality website that commands authority, for instance, The Guardian, Forbes or the Washington Post. Now, let’s take a closer look at why external links are important, and how you can go about adding this vital strategy to your SEO campaign.

Why do External Links Matter?

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts understand the significance of external links in improving search engine rankings and building authority. External links are a powerful ranking tool and they can help your website build authority, credibility and gain popularity. It is an excellent strategy to acquire new users, and boost lead generation and conversions.

At Tenfold  Growth we strongly believe that acquiring high quality external links leading to your website can help establish higher rankings in search engine results. External links build credibility and authority in the eyes of Google’s algorithms and bots. In recent months, getting high quality external links has emerged as the single-most significant SEO goal to achieve higher rankings and new users.

Search engines, especially Google regards external links from authority-holding third-party sites as a strong indication that your website is a source worth citing.

External links lend credibility and validate the fact that your website carries quality content. There is a direct association between a website’s rankings on search engines and the number of high-quality external links leading to the website. It works wonders at boosting website visibility and attracting new users from high-quality websites.

However, it is important to note that not all external links can be treated equally. Marketers are strongly advised to focus on quality rather than quantity. If you have dozens of external links from websites that do not command authority or popularity, the endeavor is utterly purposeless. In order to bring about a positive impact on your website’s authority and search engine rankings, it is crucial to prioritize high quality external links.

You must be wondering; how does one go about getting those? That’s what we are here to help you with!

Generating High Quality External Links

Getting high quality external links to redirect users to your domain requires a consistent and compelling strategy. It is vital to seek out websites that offer relevant content as your website. It is wise to prioritize one or two pages and focus on obtaining more high-quality links for that age. When multiple websites link the same web page, it will add in enhance page visibility and search engine rankings.

This strategy is particularly beneficial for product and service-focused web pages. Marketers are also advised to consider adding multiple variations of the anchor text with every external link. Receiving a link from The Huffington Post and a newly-established reviews website are two entirely different undertakings.

The more popularity and authority a website commands, the greater the benefits of earning an external link for your SEO profile and campaign.

Here are some strategies that can help:

 Content is KING

When it comes to SEO, be it any strategy, content is always king. It is vital for marketers to focus on curating excellent content so it’s easier to find high-quality websites for collaborations. If your content is top-notch and interactive, your website is a source worth-citing. Websites that offer useful content or coveted products/services enjoy greater success from external links.


External links don’t exactly fall down from the sky; marketers have to actively and creatively pursue them. It requires reaching out, networking and collaborating with high quality websites. Many websites and magazines offer paid avenues to get external links and referrals. You can work with various organizations, especially those with .edu domains as they command immense authority in the digital landscape.

 Seek Relevance

As you plan your external link building strategy, be sure to prioritize relevance and seek out authoritative websites that are similar to your niche.

 At Tenfold Growth Ltd, we can help advance your SEO game with a robust and powerful external link building strategy. At SEO experts can help you spread the juice across the digital landscape, and acquire new users alongside improving your search engine rankings dramatically.

External link building is a task that is tedious and requires marketers to build connections. Luckily, we already have connections with well-reputed, popular and authoritative websites to help you gain high quality external links to boost your website authority and visibility! 

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